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Priyanka s Three Short film series launch and introduction of fresh new bees!

Priyanka Raina 2017-11-28 14:54:11

Priyanka Raina s Three Short film series launch and introduction of fresh new bees!

In pix Avatar Gill with Dillzan Wadia and Priyanka Raina

After making the most successful short film Zindagi , Clean and green India which is also my first censored short film . It was now tine to introduce some fresh cast so wrote three contents and then my Audition began for my films. 

Cold drinks is injurious to health Director by me and produced by Tapish Joshi under Devil mixing pictures , Story describes in title itself. Soft drinks like Pepsi , coke have 22 to 28 % of cancer percentage. When censor board asked me, "Priyanka what if Pepsi company files a case on u...."

I smartly answered, "but truth is this only that these soft drinks are injurious to health and don't worry about Pepsi company as they are not bigger then our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. and Modi sir is with me"

Censor board smiled on this and gave me U certified and cold drinks became my second Censored short film. The film features Navjot Singh and Abhishek Bajaj in pivotal roles. 

Second short film WRONG NUMBER introducing a young talent Yash Khandelwal. It's a story of boy who gets misguided by a call center girl as his to be wife and rest is story. The Drama is directed by Priyanka Raina. 

Third short film MAIN HEROINE BANNA CHAHTI HOON is a story of struggling actress who is ready to do anything to make it to films and she lands in producer s office where he gives a message that prepare your selves firs,t instead of doing this crap. The movie introduces Charu Sharma and Known Producer Gautam Bhatia in pivotal roles. 

These are Priyanka Raina short films and recent one Love lust locha which also selected to screen by Six sigma films. 


Love lust locha is produced by Tanmay Bharadwaj under Trisha films in association with Omniscent Entertainment. The movie introduces fresh theater introduction ; Sabir Shaikh as Devyesh, Nandini as angel , Ankita as myra. 

Image Copyright: Omniscent Entertainment