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The wife of Shami, Hasin Jahan shared nude photos, fans said this

News Crab 2020-06-30 15:45:01

Hasin Jahan, wife of Indian team star Mohammed Shami, has often been the medium of discussion on social media with her beautiful pictures. Where she puts her photo and continues to target Shami in gestures. Hussain Jahan has been making headlines for his Instagram posts for some time. Hussain, who often made headlines by making one or more allegations against Shami, has now shocked everyone by sharing a very bold picture of himself on his Instagram account.

After which the cricket fans started trolling Shami's wife Hussain Jahan on social media. With this person in the picture, Haseen Jahan looks extremely bold. In this picture of Hussain Jahan, there is a person who looks like Mohammed Shami. However, it could not be confirmed whether the person in the photograph was Mohammed Shami or anyone else, as well as when and where the picture came from.

Sharing this picture, Hasiina Jahan has also written a message for Mohammed Shami. Posting this picture, Hussain Jathe wrote - Yesterday you were nothing, then I was holy, today you have become something, then I have become impure. Falsehood cannot cover the naked truth. Crocodile tears last only a few days. "With cricketer Shami Ahmed," he wrote. He has been trolled on this post.