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4 Easy ways to reduce kitchen waste

Pinkvilla 2020-07-13 20:44:34

Kitchen waste can be reduced and recycled in many ways. If you plan your meals properly, then the quantity of waste will be decreased. So, here are certain ways to do it.

Having a lot of kitchen waste is a very normal thing. It is not possible to cook our daily meals with planning and use of packaged foods on a routine. But on the other hand, we do need to reduce kitchen waste as much as possible.

So, in that case, here are some tips and tricks to reduce waste. This will also have a good effect on your grocery shopping and budget. So, here’s how to reduce kitchen waste.

How to reduce kitchen waste?

1-  The best way to reduce kitchen waste is to plan your meals. Make a plan of the meals that you are thinking to make in a week. And make sure to use the leftover food in subsequent meals.

2-  Organise your fridge in a manner in which you can have a check on the expiry dates of packaged foods. Keep those foods in the front portion of your fridge that will expire soon and use them before the other ones.

3-  Certain foods often lose their quality for not storing them properly in the fridge due to the lack of space. So, next time, store food in the fridge in a more organised manner so that you have enough space in it. And for that, you can chop all the veggies and store them in the fridge in a freezer bag. This will save a lot of space.

4- Some kitchen waste can also be composted. And this is the easiest way to have high-quality and low-cost fertilizer. And this compost can be used on your indoor and outdoor plants. You can also use them for your vegetable garden for potential growth. 

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